Alex and Patrick

We are young new foreign tenants in the UK, with no credit history and no references. We weren’t even in the UK as we were searching for apartments, we wanted a fabulous place for great money, without having to travel to Cardiff one day earlier than we had planned to. As many agencies had already warned us, we basically had no chance.
Not until Samara gave us one. Her commitment to her job is wonderful and so is her willingness to walk the extra mile when it comes to helping her clients. She was always prompt in answering our emails, our many many inquiries, she was an excellent mediator between us and the landlord.
Her description of the property was very accurate and we were happy with how smooth she made everything run. There was not a single disappointment along the way, we are very thankful for having run into her agency and can dearly recommend her professional service to anyone looking to find a home.